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In Kerala, the first person decorated a pyre and jumped into the burning pyre, know what happened then

Kollam. A 68-year-old man allegedly committed suicide by jumping into his pyre after decorating it at Puthur in Kollam district in Kerala. The police gave this information on Thursday. He told that the burnt body of Vijayakumar, a native of Marnad, was found in his ancestral house. Police said that the deceased was suffering from some illness and was not able to go to work for some time.

His sister, who was living alone in a house built in this property, noticed the fire in the middle of the night and thought that some wood must have caught fire. Police said that she (sister) extinguished the fire with the help of another relative living in the neighborhood. In the morning they found the dead body. A suicide note allegedly written by Vijayakumar has been recovered by the police. He told that in a letter to his friend, Vijay said that he was ending his life as he was unable to work due to his health.

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