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In Mumbai, the miscreants fled to UP after robbing lakhs in film style, the police arrested them by laying a trap


Mumbai Police arrested the robbers from Uttar Pradesh
Three accused arrested for robbing Rs 8 lakh from bank worker

Mumbai: Mumbai Police has arrested the accused who looted 12 lakhs in broad daylight on the crowded road of Bhiwandi last month. Bhiwandi Police has arrested three accused who robbed 2 bank employees. The police have arrested these accused from Uttar Pradesh by tracking them. Police officials informed about the arrest of the accused on Saturday. Police said that the accused carried out the theft in a film style in a planned manner. The accused had planned to cheat the police by wearing the uniform of a food delivery app worker. But the dress code of the accused only helped in their arrest. The police arrested the accused after scanning the CCTV footage installed in the area.

Regarding the whole matter, the police said that the incident is of the end of last month i.e. October. When the cashier and security guard of a local cooperative bank branch were going to another nearby bank to deposit money. Then the accused carried out the theft. It was told that the mastermind of the incident is a resident of Uttar Pradesh, who works as a laborer in Mumbai. He along with his 2 companions planned the robbery.

money snatched
It was told that the bankers used to go daily to deposit money in other nearby banks. The accused mastermind got to know about it. After this he planned a robbery with two of his accomplices. The three accused tracked the route through which bank workers used to go to deposit money. On the day of the incident, the other two accused chased the bank workers on bikes while the mastermind was in touch with them from near the bank. Seeing the opportunity, the two accused, who were chasing the bank workers, snatched the bag full of money from the hands of the bank worker and fled. To hide their identity, both were wearing helmets and food delivery boy clothes.

CCTV footage becomes decisive
Regarding the whole matter, Assistant Commissioner ‘Kishore Khairnar’ told that to avoid getting caught, the accused were connected among themselves through data calls. But the CCTV footage helped in tracking the movement of the accused.

When the police tracked the CCTV footage, Kalyan’s tailor was arrested through it, after which a special team left for UP. Where the police also arrested the mastermind with the help of the arrested accused. Police have recovered Rs 8 lakh looted from the accused and sent all three to jail.

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