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In Rajasthan, another SHO was accused of rape, FIR registered, read who is this SHO and what is the matter


Jalore’s Sarwana Thanaprabhari accused of rape
19-year-old married woman made serious allegations against SHO
Zero number FIR registered in Jhunjhunu, now Jalore will come for investigation

Shyam Sundar Bishnoi.

Jalore. Another police station in Rajasthan has faced serious allegations of rape. This time the matter is related to Saravana Police Station of Jalore. Saravana SHO has been accused of rape by a married woman. The victim has lodged a zero number FIR in this regard in Jhunjhunu. In this case, apart from the police officer, the victim has also accused her uncle’s son of rape. The victim says that her cousin repeatedly threatens her by pretending to be a minister’s man. Now the FIR will come to Jalore to investigate the matter. After that Jalore police will start investigation of this case.

According to the police, a 19-year-old married woman has reported that on September 19, 2022, she had married a youth resident of a village in Jhunjhunu district of her own free will. While being a minor before marriage, her uncle’s son in Jalore continued to abuse her for about three years. On this, he told the family about this. But the family members also kept taking the side of the accused.

The police officer and cousin did the wrong thing together
The victim alleges that she met Saravana police station officer Kishnaram for her complaint. The SHO asked him to come in the evening. She went to the police station in the evening. There was also sitting the accused cousin who used to exploit her. According to the victim, the police officer and cousin together did wrong things with her. The accused brother threatened him that he was the man of the minister.

The victim’s charge was taken by the police to her father-in-law
The victim says that after this she ran away from home on 1 September 2022. He called his friend and informed about the incident. After that she started living with a friend. Later on 19 September married the same friend. Meanwhile, her mother lodged a false report against her husband’s father at Sarwana police station. On this, the Saravana police took away his father-in-law and arrested him.

There was a stir in Jalore police department
The victim woman has appealed to the Jhunjhunu Superintendent of Police. On the instructions of Jhunjhunu Superintendent of Police Mridul Kachhawa, the police registered a case on zero report and sent it to Sarwana police station for investigation. However, there has been a stir in the Jalore police department regarding this matter. No official is ready to speak about this.

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