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In the insistence of tarnishing the image of PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi insulted Dalits… Smriti Irani opened the front

New Delhi:Rahul Gandhi is a liar, he apologizes by rubbing his nose and lies again, he keeps insulting Dalits, the Gandhi family is arrogant, … all these allegations have been leveled by BJP’s fiery leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani . In today’s press conference, he accused Rahul Gandhi that insulting Dalits and OBCs has become one of his habits. Smriti claimed that Rahul Gandhi got a Dalit leader of the Congress to pick up his slippers. He said that Rahul has nothing to do with things like democracy, independence of the court, his entire campaign is to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rahul Gandhi repeatedly insults Dalits: Smriti Irani

The Union Minister also said on the issue of Gautam Adani that the double standard of the Gandhi family regarding Adani is clearly visible. In response to a question from the media, Smriti said, ‘When Adani is so bad then why does (Congress general secretary and husband of Gandhi family daughter Priyanka Gandhi) Robert Vadra walk hand in hand with Adani?’ He said that Narendra Modi himself told the Gandhi family to insult me ​​but do not insult the nation. Rahul Gandhi’s poison against Modi is full. This was visible in Rahul Gandhi’s visit to England. Smriti said that while insulting Modi, Rahul has also considered it appropriate to insult the entire OBC community, but this is not the first time. He said that Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly insulted the Dalit or backward community. His Excellency President Draupadi Murmu was insulted on the orders of the Gandhi family. Rahul Gandhi was seen picking up his slippers from a Dalit leader of his own party. Now his lies are being spoken with his head held high.

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‘Rahul has resolved to tarnish the image of PM Modi’

Smriti Irani claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s sole aim is to tarnish the image of PM Modi. He said that Rahul is living up to his statement given on May 4, 2019. He said, ‘He has only one goal in life – to tarnish the image of Narendra Modi. He said this to a magazine. They have nothing to do with democracy. On May 4, 2019, Rahul Gandhi said in a magazine interview that Narendra Modi’s strength is his image. He took a vow in that interview that ‘I will keep attacking Narendra Modi until I destroy his image’.

Smriti said that Rahul Gandhi lied in the country, abroad and in Parliament to insult Narendra Modi. When Rahul was asked to produce evidence to support his allegations, he ran away. Cannot make baseless allegations in Parliament. Smriti said that Rahul Gandhi is the person who apologizes by rubbing his nose in the Supreme Court. Regarding the derogatory remarks of the Youth Congress President, Smriti said that the word is of Rahul Gandhi, the sanskar is of Sonia Gandhi, the tongue is of the Youth Congress President. As long as this continues, a leader who has ambitions to grow in the Congress will have to do such indecent things. On the issue of vacating the house allotted by the government, he said that the Gandhi family thinks that whatever belongs to the government is theirs. The house is not theirs, it belongs to the public.

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