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In the works of Nagarjuna, the crops are fluttering and the farmer is chirping, read famous poems

In Baba Nagarjuna’s ‘Ratinath’s Aunt’, one can hear the agony of a woman and her desperation to be free. The sorrow of the subordination of women can be felt in ‘The Fishes of the Pond’. The echo of atrocities on Dalits can be heard in ‘Harijan Gatha’. Nagarjuna was an outstanding writer and poet of Hindi and Maithili. Baba Nagarjuna composed works in Hindi, Maithili, Sanskrit and Bengali languages ​​and did translation work.

Baba Nagarjuna is roaming on the footpaths of the village looking at the ripe crops in the fields. Presenting his poems-

after many days
I have seen all my life
smile of ripe golden crops
-after many days

after many days
Now I can hear for the rest of my life
Kokilkanthi tan of teenage girls pounding paddy
-after many days

after many days
I smelled all my life
Many fresh flowers of maulsiri
-after many days

after many days
now i can touch to the fullest
the sandalwood dust of your lost trail
-after many days

after many days
This time I ate my fill of talamkhana
suck sugarcane
-after many days

after many days
This time I enjoyed it to the fullest
Smell-form-juice-word-touch all together on this earth
-after many days

In my farm….

first week of january
happy afternoon in the sun
I am sitting comfortably.

plowing my field
sowing is going on these days
surrounding events
collects seeds for me
Yes, if the seed is weevilled
How will the sprouts come out!

It is evident
marketable seeds
will prune mercilessly
Manures and Fertilizers and
even in irrigation
more than ever
have to be careful
Maqbool Fida Hussain’s
shocking or marketing techniques
destroy our agriculture
Will do!

well your
in your handkerchief
Tie the knot! Absolutely!!
in front of the landlord
wife and her daughters
gesturing for permission
want to come to our terrace
No, no Baba!

we are solving now
today till 2:30 we
Have to sow….

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