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India is eyeing every move of China, M-777 cannons deployed on LAC to answer


  • Indigenous 105 mm gun is increasing the strength of the army in high altitude
  • Negotiations are on to fix the problems in Dhanush.
  • Mobilization of army happened rapidly due to improvement in infrastructure

New Delhi
There has been a lot of change in the deployment of the Indian Army after the tension with China on the LAC in Eastern Ladakh. The Indian Army has also deployed M-777 Howitzer guns (cannons) on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). A total of 7 regiments of M-777 being taken from America are to be formed. Three regiments have been formed and the fourth regiment is in the process of being formed. However, the maximum number of indigenous 105 mm caliber guns are still deployed in Eastern Ladakh.

Very easy to carry from one place to another

India has a contract to buy a total of 145 A-777 howitzer guns from the US. They can destroy targets up to 30 km. Due to its lightweight, it can be moved from one place to another in a short time. It is not necessary to have a road for this, they can also be transported from one place to another by Chinook helicopter. In the midst of tension with China on the LAC, the Indian Army had mobilized its assets in a very short time. Due to the improvement of roads and infrastructure in the border area, there was rapid mobilization of the army and rapidly the army deployed its artillery.

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This cannon is very important for mountain area
Indian Army DG Artillery Lt Gen T.K. Chawla said that ‘BRO is doing a lot of work to lay the road network in the far flung areas. This effort of theirs will continue and we will be able to deliver artillery guns in more and more areas. Howitzer guns are deployed on the LAC. Due to being light, at present, the maximum number of 105 mm cannons are deployed in Eastern Ladakh. They are indigenous. These are very important for mountain areas as they are light. DG Artillery Lt Gen TK Chawla also visited places in Eastern Ladakh where Indian Army artillery is stationed sometime back.

The 105mm guns are still doing extremely well and are a must for the mountains. In Eastern Ladakh, more guns are currently of 105 mm caliber. When other guns are found in large numbers, the 105 mm gun will be replaced.

Lt Gen Chawla

To meet the requirement of light guns, OFB has made Dhanush guns, but at present there are some problems in them. Lt Gen Chawla said that these are initial problems which will be resolved. A few days ago, a meeting was also held with the Ordnance Factory Board regarding this. The Indian Army is also in the process of getting the Mounted Gun System. For this, RFI (Request for Interest) has been issued and is getting good response.

m777 howitzer in India


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