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INDIA passes resolution against EVM, appeals to Election Commission for ballot paper

Image Source : INDIA TV
INDIA meeting.

A lot of political activity was seen in the country’s capital Delhi on Tuesday. The fourth meeting of INDIA, the alliance of opposition parties, was held on Tuesday in which many major issues were discussed and resolutions were passed. In the meeting, opposition parties have also passed a resolution against EVM and have requested the Election Commission for ballot paper. Let us know about this proposal in detail.

What’s in the proposal?

The resolution passed by the opposition parties said that the parties in India have submitted a detailed memorandum to the Election Commission with several questions on the design and operation of the EVMs. However, the Commission has so far been reluctant to take cognizance of this memorandum or meet the opposition delegation. Along with this, a big demand has also been made in the proposal on ballot paper.

Demand for return of ballot paper

The opposition alliance’s proposal states that there are many doubts over the integrity of the functioning of the EVM. These have also been raised by many experts and professionals. For this reason ballot paper is being demanded. We will be very happy if we return to voting through ballot paper. The proposal states that if the Election Commission has any objection, the hybrid ballot paper-EVM system can also be used for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

What is Hybrid Ballot Paper-EVM System?

INDIA’s proposal states that instead of dropping the VVPAT slip in the box, it should be handed over to the voter, who will put it in a separate ballot box after verifying his choice. After this, 100% counting of VVPAT slips should be done. This will restore complete confidence of the people in free and fair elections.

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