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India should find friends among China’s enemies, why experts are saying this about Xi Jinping’s third term

New Delhi: It is almost certain that Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to occupy power for the third time. In the past decade, Xi’s orders have not been questioned or challenged by anyone. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is underway and will conclude on October 22. On this day the talk of Xi Jinping’s third term will be cleared. With this decision, the power of Xi Jinping will increase further. Presenting his work report in Congress, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on the first day that the Chinese army under his leadership will intensify military combat preparedness to fight and win. What will be the impact of Xi Jinping’s rule on China and the countries of the world. What does Xi’s rule mean for India? On all these issues, Professor of Chinese and Cynological Studies at JNU, Priyadarshi Mukherjee said that India should now give up hope of trusting China.

Another term for Xi Jinping, India needs to be alert

Considering the situation prevailing for the last two and a half years since the bloody conflict in Galwan and the experience before that, India should not expect peace. Priyadarshi Mukherjee says that China has never really been a friend of India at any point in history. Showing the clip of Galwan violent clash on Congress opening day confirms this game of China. This clearly shows that he does not want to improve relations with India. China will certainly continue to encroach on India’s borders. China did not deter even during a terrible epidemic like Kovid. He continued with his strategy. If we still expect China to try to make peace with us, that would be utter foolishness. We have to increase the strength of our soldiers more. Can’t trust China anymore.

How India moved ahead with China

We cannot predict how much partnership there will be between the two sides. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi flies to India uninvited after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and thinks India’s neutral stance on the war would be on China’s side. However, this is a different policy of China. Everyone saw Chinese military exercises in Taiwan. China looks at its relations with the world on the basis of muscle power and money power. His approach is well known. The world has seen China under Xi’s rule. Professor Priyadarshi says that under Xi’s regime, China is in a direct confrontation with any country in the world for its interests. The strained relations between America and China also testify to this. Another term of Xi will take China further in this direction.

Xi Jinping turned ‘Dragon’ into ‘Wolf’ in 10 years… What are you going to do with India and Taiwan now?
China is openly expressing enmity

Will working together with Quad help India counter China? This question is also very difficult. Professor Priyadarshi believes that in fact everyone involved in the Quad is thinking of their own interests. On the other hand, if we look at the countries involved, only India has a land border with China. So if we say that quad will solve the problem, then no, it cannot happen. India should explore more relations with China’s enemies like Vietnam or countries in debt trap of China. China has openly declared India as its enemy. If you read his blogs and news, you will see that he is openly expressing animosity towards India.

Xi Jinping will continue to die as the President of China! The mega event will be crowned in front of thousands of journalists, grand preparations
China’s next 5 years under Xi Jinping
The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is a defining moment for Chinese politics, policy and foreign affairs. It also includes the influence of China’s domestic and foreign policy. Through a complex web of devious tricks and hidden personal equations, Xi Jinping will continue to reign supreme for the next few years or even decades. Xi has made it clear to all that he will rule the Chinese for years to come. With its new military and economic power, China will not give up its confrontational attitude, especially with the US. In such a situation, if we expect any change, then it will be a foolishness on our part.



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