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India TV Poll Result: Should there be a ban on issuing passes to enter Parliament?

Two youths entered the Parliament

Winter session is going on in Parliament. Meanwhile, on December 13, a major accident was witnessed on the 22nd anniversary of the attack on Parliament. Two unknown people shocked everyone by entering the Lok Sabha. During the proceedings of Parliament, both unidentified spectators jumped onto the seats from the spectator gallery, where the MPs are sitting. As soon as both of them jumped, there was an atmosphere of chaos in the house. Seeing this, Parliament security personnel immediately came into action and caught both of them. After this, information came to light that the accused entered Parliament on the reference of Pratap Simha, BJP MP from Mysore, Karnataka. In such a situation, questions started being raised on issuing passes for entry into Parliament. We conducted a poll regarding this. People expressed their opinion in this poll of India TV-

What percentage of people answered ‘yes’?

On various platforms of India TV, we had asked the public “Should there be a complete ban on issuing passes to enter Parliament?” We had given the options of ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘can’t say’. A total of 12,893 people registered their responses to the poll. According to the public opinion recorded in the poll, 62 percent agreed to a complete ban on issuing passes for entering Parliament. At the same time, 37 percent people believe that there should be no ban on issuing passes, while 1 percent people voted for the option of ‘can’t say’.

People's opinion on the question asked regarding pass for entry into Parliament

Image Source : INDIATV

People’s opinion on the question asked regarding pass for entry into Parliament

Two youths entered Parliament on 13 December

The Parliament was celebrating the anniversary of the terrorist attack on December 13, the same day two youths entered the Parliament. Both the youths, who had entered from the visitor’s pass, jumped from the visitors’ gallery and reached straight into the house. After this, he also used smoke gas hidden in his shoes, due to which smoke spread in the house. These two youths were identified as Sagar Sharma, resident of Lucknow and Manoranjan D, resident of Mysore. Both these youths had taken passes on the recommendation of BJP MP Pratap Simha and entered the Parliament to watch the proceedings.

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