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Indian Air Force created history, first landing on Kargil airstrip in darkness

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Indian Air Force created history

Kargil: Indian Air Force aircraft Hercules ‘C-130J’ has made night landing for the first time at Kargil airstrip. The Air Force shared information about this achievement on Sunday. This airstrip of Kargil is surrounded by hills on all sides. In such a situation, landing here at night is being considered an important achievement and a new record of the Air Force.

Terrain masking technology used during the mission

Defense experts say that terrain masking technology has been used during this mission in Kargil. Terrain masking is a strategy under which Air Force aircraft reach their target by dodging the radar of the enemy country or army. It is believed that this mission of the Indian Air Force is part of an exercise under which commandos can be sent to the front immediately in difficult situations.

On this achievement, the Indian Air Force says that terrain masking work was done during the landing of the aircraft at Kargil airstrip at night. Along with this, the Air Force said that this exercise also helped in the training mission of Garuda Commandos. According to the Defense Ministry, the capabilities of the Indian security forces are continuously being expanded. Along with the Army, the Air Force is also increasing its surveillance on Indian borders not only during the day but also at night.

This is being considered a big success of the Air Force.

With the intention of maintaining tight surveillance both during the day and night, a successful attempt has been made to land Hercules aircraft of the Indian Air Force at the airstrip of Kargil amidst the dense hills at night. Defense experts believe that considering the geographical conditions present here, it can be called a major success of the Air Force.

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