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Indian Army is celebrating its 196th Gunners Day today, know its importance and history

Gunner’s Day: The Indian Army is celebrating its 196th Gunners-Day i.e. Artillery Day today. While sharing this important information with ABP News on this occasion, the sources of the defense system said that the Indian Army is trying to strengthen its artillery very much on the LAC adjacent to China. Therefore, additional deployment of South Korea’s K9 Vajra cannon to indigenous Dhanush and American ultra light howitzers, M-777 and Pinaka rocket systems is being done. After the completion of some of the same tests, the tags will also be deployed.

Why is Gunners Day celebrated?

The first recorded use of artillery in India is in the Battle of Adoni in 1368. In the Deccan the Bahmani kings under the leadership of Mohammad Shah Bahmani used a train of artillery against the Vijayanagara king. 5 (Bombay) Mountain Battery was established on 28 September 1827 as the 8th Company of Golandaz Battalion, Bombay Foot Artillery. Presently it is part of 57 Field Regiment. Thus September 28 is celebrated as ‘Gunners Day’.

Development of artillery regiments in India

After 1857, most artillery units were disbanded during the Afghan Wars, retaining only mountain batteries for development in the rugged North West Frontier. The School of Artillery was established in 1923 in Kabul. Mountain Artillery Training Center came into existence in Dehradun at Lucknow and later in Ambala. Field Artillery Training Center was established in Mathura.

Babur used artillery first in India

It was the first Battle of Panipat in 1526, when Mughal Emperor Babur first used artillery in northern India to decisively defeat the Afghan king Ibrahim Lodhi of Delhi. Artillery flourished extensively under the Mughal kings in Delhi, Tipu Sultan in Mysore and the Nizams in Hyderabad. However, it was the Sikhs who made the most effective use of artillery in Indian history under Maharaja Ranjit Singh who raised it to a high level of combat proficiency.

The first recorded attempt to locate enemy artillery in India can be traced back to Tipu Sultan at the Battle of Ketor. The modern Indian Surveillance and Target Acquisition (SATA) Gunner evolved from a humble beginning in 1925 when the ‘Nine Originals’ were put together under Captain EB Culverwell, MC to form the first Survey Section at the School of Artillery, Kabul. By August 1942, this center had expanded to become the first Survey of India Regiment.

There were only three Indians in the Artillery Commission.

Only three Indian officers were initially commissioned into the Artillery from the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. The first Indian officer to join the Artillery was Prem Singh Giani and after that PP Kumaramangalam was appointed as Askalha. He was posted in A Field Brigade formed at Bangalore on 15 January 1935.

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