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Indian Army will become more powerful in the 21st century, this step of PM Modi has created panic in Pakistan and China – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking every step necessary to make the Indian Army modern and powerful. To increase the strength of the army on the borders from India-Pakistan to India-China and other countries, the Modi government has laid a huge network of tunnels, airstrips, bridges, roads etc. Besides, the army has been equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment. PM Modi is continuously making the army self-reliant and powerful. In this direction, on the instructions of the Prime Minister, another big step has been announced to increase the strength of the army from land to air. With this, the Indian Army will emerge even more powerful.

Not only enemies like Pakistan and China, but also other powerful countries of the world are surprised to see the strength of the Indian Army which is continuously getting stronger. In view of PM Modi’s ambition to strengthen the Indian Army, the Defense Ministry has expressed its intentions by Friday approving capital procurement proposals worth Rs 84,560 crore, including multi-role maritime aircraft, to boost the overall combat capabilities of the armed forces. The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC), headed by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, approved the procurement proposals. After this the army will be equipped with more modern equipment.

Army will be equipped with these equipment

The proposals approved by the DAC include new generation anti-tank mines, air defense strategic control radars, heavy weight torpedoes, medium range maritime reconnaissance and multi-role maritime aircraft, flying refueller aircraft etc. After joining the army with these weapons and equipment, the strength of the army will increase manifold from water, land to air. The Defense Ministry said the DAC approved the procurement of medium-range maritime reconnaissance and multi-role maritime aircraft to strengthen the surveillance capabilities of the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. It said a proposal for procurement of air defense tactical control radar was also approved with the aim of strengthening air defense systems. The ministry said the DAC has granted necessary approval (AoN) for the procurement of ‘Flight Refueller Aircraft’ to enhance the operational capabilities and reach of the Indian Air Force. (Language)

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