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Indian Navy Day today, know the history of ‘Operation Trident’

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Indian Navy Day.

New Delhi: The Indian Army is deployed bravely on all three fronts: water, land and air. The Indian Army is included in the list of the strongest armies in the world. The Indian Army has defeated the enemy army on every front. We constantly hear stories of the bravery of the Indian Army. In such a situation, Indian Navy Day is celebrated today on 4th December for these brave soldiers. Indian Navy Day is celebrated to salute the spirit of the Indian Navy personnel deployed at sea. Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4 December in India. Indian Navy Day started in the year 1971.

Story behind Navy Day

Although the Indian Navy was established in 1612 by the East India Company, but since independence, the Indian Navy has continuously set new records. There is an incident related to the war between India and Pakistan behind the beginning of Indian Navy Day. This entire mission was named Operation Trident. Actually, during the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, India was facing war from two sides. On one hand the situation in Bangladesh had to be controlled and on the other hand it was also attacked by Pakistan. During the India-Pakistan war in 1971, Pakistan attacked Indian airports on 3 December.

Soldiers shocked Pakistan

The Indian Navy planned the attack in response to aggressive attacks by Pakistan. During this time, Indian Navy soldiers who were advancing in the sea had bombed and destroyed Karachi port of Pakistan. Hundreds of Pakistani soldiers were also killed during the Indian Navy attack. During this, Pakistan’s PNS Ghazi submarine was sunk in water by Indian Navy personnel. INS Vikrant played an important role in this. Commodore Kasaragod Pattanshetty Gopal Rao led the entire Indian Navy operation. Navy Day is celebrated on 4 December after the bravery shown by the soldiers of the Indian Navy in this war. We remember this historic achievement on 4th December.

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