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Indian Railways: It is easy for passengers to take tickets at Siwan railway junction, additional counters opened

Ankit Kumar Singh

Siwan. Now it will be convenient for the passengers to take railway tickets at Siwan railway junction of Bihar. Passengers will not face any hustle and bustle to get tickets in the crowd. Passengers will be able to take tickets comfortably from the reservation and general ticket counter. For this, the number of internal three ticket counters at Siwan railway junction has been increased. The number of two general and one reservation ticket counter has been increased. In view of the rush of passengers at the railway station on the festival, this decision has been taken by the Railways for the convenience of the passengers.

three counters increased at siwan railway station

Two general ticket counters were open at Siwan railway junction from eight in the morning to four in the evening. While one ticket counter used to work at night, but now three general counters have been opened during the day and two general ticket counters have been opened at night. Its purpose is to make general tickets easily available to the passengers.

Apart from this, the number of reservation ticket counters has also been increased. Till now, two reservation counters were run from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon and one reservation counter from two in the afternoon to eight in the night. Now from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon, only two reservation counters will be operational, but from two in the afternoon to eight in the night, instead of one, two reservation counters will be operational. This will be of great convenience to the passengers making reservations.

Control room installed at junction for passenger safety

In view of the crowd at Siwan station, the officials of North Eastern Railway Varanasi Division have set up a control room. The control room has been built in the station superintendent’s office. In this control room, different officers have been given the responsibility of monitoring on different dates. Any aggrieved passenger can take recourse to it.

Ticket counter has been increased in view of the crowd

DCI Vishal Kumar Singh of Siwan Railway Junction said that on the occasion of Chhath Mahaparv, people who came to their homes from different states have started returning again. Due to this, the rush of passengers is increasing at the ticket counter and platform. There is a situation of chaos even while boarding the trains. To deal with this, the Railways has made full preparations so that the passengers do not have to face any kind of difficulty.

He said that the number of two general ticket counters and one reservation counter at Siwan station have been increased. From where passengers can travel by taking general or reservation tickets. He further informed that the number of additional ticket counters has been increased due to the crowd during the festival. Ticket counters will run smoothly as before at Siwan railway station as soon as the crowd of passengers decreases.

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