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Indian road will pass near Ghost Village of China, 1465 km long road will be a problem for the dragon! – india china border lac road china ghost village india will made highway near village – News18 Hindi

New Delhi. The Northeast border with China was seen as a weak link of India from the very beginning. The fiercest war of 1962 also took place in that area. The geographical situation is such that it itself turns into an odd region. The forests are dense in the area. It rains a lot, the population is small and wherever people live, they remain isolated from the rest of the country. In this case, China is building a ghost village near the LAC to strengthen itself in this area.

China has built around 600 villages
According to the report, about 600 such villages have been established by China. But now Indian vehicles will pass through that village. It may sound a bit strange to hear but it is true. Now the Indian Frontier Highway will pass along the McMahon Line built by the British through which the border between India and Tibet was made. This highway is about 1465 kilometers long and it will start from Mogo of India Bhutan Tibet trijunction near Tawang and will go till Vijay Nagar surrounded by three more Myanmar.

The whole project is worth 27 thousand crore rupees.
This whole project is worth about 27 thousand crore rupees. This Arunachal Frontier Highway will pass through East Kameng, West Kameng, Upper Subhansari, Upper Siang, Dibang Valley, Lohit, Anjawa and Changlag. Before this there are two highways in Arunachal Pradesh. After this, a total of three major highways will be built, which are horizontal to each other. That is, the Arunachal Frontier Highway passing along the McMahon line, the second highway is the Trans Arunachal Highway and the third is the East West Industrial Corridor Highway.

6 The length of the highway is 1048 kilometers
To connect these three highways, 6 vertical and diagonal inter corridor highways are to be built. The length of these 6 highways is 1048 kilometers and Rs 15720 crore is going to be spent on them. You will be able to reach border areas easily from these 6 highways. The connectivity which was not there in the far-flung areas of Arunachal Pradesh will be completed. That is, the cost of the entire project is 40 thousand crore rupees and a total of 2500 kilometers of double lane road will be ready.

China’s eye on Arunachal Pradesh has always been skewed
China has always been eyeing Arunachal. Even in the beginning of this year itself, China had changed the name of some of its areas, in which many Indians come to Arunachal Pradesh. Describing Arunachal Pradesh as the area of ​​Southern Tibet, in 1962, the Chinese army had reached many areas of Arunachal Pradesh for the purpose of occupying it.

60 years ago, the condition of the roads was worse than bad, due to which the movement of the army was greatly affected and to challenge China, the Indian Army, along with the Border Road Organization ie BRO and the state government, engaged in laying a network of roads in Arunachal Pradesh. Is.

Vijay Nagar the ‘Geographical Prison’ of the country
If we look at the condition of the border area, then Vijay Nagar of Arunachal Pradesh is also called the Geographical Prison of the country. Because it is surrounded by Myanmar from three sides. The nearest town is 150 km away and the means of reaching this place is either on foot through dense forests or can be reached by army helicopter. Private aviation also does not run its helicopter service and all the residents living here are retired from Assam Rifles. Salt here is Rs.100 a kg, while edible oil is Rs.400 a kg.

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