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Indo-US military exercise near Barahoti, why is this area special?

India-US War Exercises: These days a joint military exercise is going on between India and America in Auli, Uttarakhand. This exercise is taking place near the disputed Barahoti area of ​​LAC. The Barahoti area of ​​LAC is a demilitarized zone, on which India and China have been claiming their respective claims. In the last several years, the Chinese army has tried to infiltrate here several times. Along with this, the air space has also been violated.

Auli of Uttarakhand section is at an altitude of about 10 thousand feet and from here the Line of Control ie LAC is at a distance of about 90 kms. The LAC adjacent to Uttarakhand is part of the Central Sector of the Indian Army. Here the Barohati area of ​​LAC has been disputed between India and China for a long time. A few decades ago, it was declared a demilitarized zone by the armies of both the countries, which means that soldiers cannot go here with weapons.

why increased security
Due to the violence in the Galvan Valley and the ongoing tension on the entire LAC for the last two and a half years, the rules of engagement have changed here and India does not want to allow any lapse. This is the reason that the security of the Indian Army and ITBP has been tightened in the area adjacent to this area. Along with this, tremendous surveillance is done here. After the Galvan Valley violence, Barahoti and the entire LAC adjacent to Uttarakhand were brought under the Lucknow-based Central Command (Surya Command) of the army.

Why is joint military exercise important?
Apart from Barahoti on the 750-km-long LAC adjacent to Uttarakhand, the Kalapani-Lipulekh area at the Nepal tri-junction has also been a major cause of dispute between India and China. During the last two years, when there was a tussle between the armies of the two countries in eastern Ladakh, there were frequent reports of increasing Chinese military activities in this area as well. Once, even the huts of the Indian shepherds were burnt by the Chinese soldiers here. This is the reason why the joint military exercise of India and America going on in Auli becomes very important.

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