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Inflation hit medicines too, people said – prices increased by 20% in a year

New Delhi: A survey has revealed that 6 out of 10 consumers have experienced a 20% increase in the price of medicines in the last one year. Of these, 89% have experienced an increase in the prices of specialty drugs, with 57% of them confirming these price increases. 56% of the people surveyed also confirmed an increase in the MRP of drugs, of which 31% confirmed that the MRP has increased by more than 20%. Meanwhile, the increased prices of essential medicines from April will further burden the pocket of the common man, who is already suffering from inflation.From painkillers to antibiotics included
These medicines range from painkillers to antibiotics. One of the solutions the government is considering is to limit trade margins. When asked about the trade margin cap in the survey, 55% said that a cap of 50% trade margin should be implemented while 21% of them were in favor of a 100% cap. People believe that MRP can be controlled by at least keeping the trade margin limited.

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