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Intelligence had given the news of the rebels of Shiv Sena MLAs only 2 months ago, but…

State Intelligence Department: The political turmoil that started in Maharashtra on June 21 is not taking its name to stop. 2 months ago SID means State Intelligence Department had informed MVA especially to CM and Home Ministry that 10 to 12 MLAs of Shiv Sena can rebel against the government. The SID had told that the MLAs of many other districts including Mumbai’s western suburbs, Thane and Raigad district are in constant touch with BJP leaders, although Eknath Shinde was not directly mentioned in it.

Government blamed the intelligence department
Meanwhile, the case of 10 to 12 MLAs kept increasing and the opposition group kept increasing. It is worth noting that after June 20, the government had torn the bill on the intelligence department when the notes of the MLAs were reachable and till the commissioner’s appearance at the Varsha bungalow. Pawar also answered the question to Dilip Walse Patil. Meanwhile, another video of Shinde faction has surfaced from Guwahati. In this video Eknath Shinde is talking to the rebel MLAs. In this video, the rebel Shiv Sena MLAs of Maharashtra have unanimously elected Eknath Shinde as their leader. Shinde has praised BJP in the video. 

Shinde can claim to form government with BJP?
Eknath Shinde did not take the name of BJP in the new video. Although he has mentioned the National Party. He made it clear that he has the support of the national party. However, after this video, speculations are being made that soon Eknath Shinde can stake claim to form the government with the BJP. At the same time, on this video, the Chief Whip of Shinde faction Bharat Gogavale said that there was talk of sacrifice for the country. us Eknath Shinde‘s decision is acceptable. Even earlier today a video of Shinde faction had surfaced. In which the rebel MLAs were visible. In this video, Shinde claimed that he has got the support of 49 MLAs. 


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