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‘Internet and social media terrorists’ toolkit’, Jaishankar said in UNSC – terrorism is a threat to humanity


The issue of terrorism raised in the meeting of the United Nations Security Council
External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar said- threat to humanity
Internet and social media are important tools of terrorists

New Delhi. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar clearly pointed towards Pakistan on Saturday. He said the UN’s counter-terrorism sanctions regime is effective in warning countries that have made terrorism a state-funded enterprise. Addressing the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) Counter-Terrorism Committee meeting in Delhi, Jaishankar described terrorism as “one of the gravest threats” to humanity.

He said that despite the efforts of the United Nations, the threat of terrorism is increasing, especially in Asia and Africa. “The United Nations Security Council has developed a significant framework for combating terrorism over the past two decades, mainly built around the anti-terrorist sanctions regime.” who have made terrorism a state funded enterprise.

The threat of terrorism is increasing continuously – Jaishankar
“Despite this, the threat of terrorism continues to grow, especially in Asia and Africa, as repeatedly noted in the 1267 Sanctions Committee monitoring reports,” Jaishankar said, adding that the ethos of open society could be used for freedom. To attack tolerance and progress. The External Affairs Minister also referred to the misuse of new technologies by terrorist groups. He said the Internet and social media platforms have emerged as influential tools in the “toolkit of terrorists and terrorist groups”.

These things raised the concern of the world
“In recent years, especially in open and liberal societies, terrorist groups, their ideological followers and single attackers have increased their capabilities by gaining access to these technologies,” Jaishankar said. They use technology and money and most importantly the ethos of open society to attack freedom, tolerance and progress.” Jaishankar said the use of unmanned aerial systems by terrorist groups and organized criminal networks has raised concerns of governments worldwide has been extended further. “The apprehensions of the use of armed drones for terrorist purposes against strategic, infrastructure and commercial assets require serious attention from member states,” the foreign minister said.

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