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Is Dawood Ibrahim alive or dead? Sources claim- In the hospital after the attack…

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Big news came out about Dawood Ibrahim

Mumbai: Amidst all the reports of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim being poisoned, Mumbai Police sources have made a shocking revelation on India TV. Sources said that global terrorist Dawood Ibrahim was admitted to the hospital due to his ill health. Sources also said that Dawood Ibrahim was admitted to the hospital last week and then he was discharged. Sources also claimed that it was like an attack on Dawood. That is, it cannot be said with certainty whether Dawood is alive or dead but according to Mumbai Police sources, he was discharged from the hospital last week.

Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is a dreaded criminal and terrorist. Many rewards have been declared against him at national and international level. He was born in the year 1955 in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra and his full name is Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. His father Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar was a Havildar in Mumbai Police.

Dawood wanted to live a royal life since childhood, for which he started stealing, dacoity and then smuggling. Seeing his actions, his father first admonished him but when he did not leave the path of crime, his father threw Dawood out of the house, after which he joined Karim Lala’s gang.

In the year 1980, the gang of Karim Lala and Haji Mastan ruled Mumbai, but Dawood left these two gangsters behind and moved ahead in the world of crime. Dawood Ibrahim was first arrested by his father. This case is still registered in Pudhoni police station. Not only this, his father also beat him severely with a belt.

Involved in Mumbai bomb blast!

On March 12, 1993, there were bomb blasts in Mumbai in which 257 people died and 700 were injured. Gangster Dawood Ibrahim was said to be behind these blasts. Let us tell you that even before the Mumbai attacks, Dawood Ibrahim had started living in Dubai and was ruling Mumbai from there. It is said that after the Mumbai attacks, Dawood had gone to Pakistan and runs his network from there.

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