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Jairam Sarkar’s last monsoon session in Himachal from August 10, preparations to surround the ruling party

Shimla. The last monsoon session of the Jai Ram government of Himachal Pradesh is going to start from August 10. The final assembly session of Jairam Sarkar is likely to be uproar. The opposition has prepared a strategy to surround the ruling party from the road to the house. Regarding this session, Speaker Vipin Singh told the assembly that 367 questions will be asked in this session. In these, the number of starred questions is 228, out of which 167 online and 61 questions have been sent offline. There are 139 unstarred questions, out of which 85 are sent online and 54 questions are sent offline. He said that most of these questions have been sent to the government for further action as per rules. Apart from this, information was received under 2 of rule-62, 3 under rule 130 and one under rule 101.

More questions on inflation, unemployment
The Speaker said that most of the questions are related to rising inflation, unemployment, pathetic condition of roads, DPR of approved roads, upgradation of colleges, schools, health institutions in the state, filling of vacant posts in various departments, tourism, gardens, supply of drinking water, youth. In this, questions have been asked about the prevention of increasing drug use, increasing criminal cases, solar energy, transport system and old pension scheme.
Apart from this, the members of the Legislative Assembly have also highlighted the main issues related to their respective constituencies through questions. All-party meeting will be organized on Tuesday for smooth running of the House.

Complaint will also get answer
On the complaint given by the opposition about two independent MLAs joining the BJP, the Speaker said that a reply has been sent to the opposition members through a letter and a detailed reply will be given inside the House. The 15th session of the 13th Legislative Assembly will begin on August 10 at 11 am. The proceedings will begin with condolences. August 11 has been fixed for the non-official member’s working day, while on August 13, the session will also be held on Saturday.
Vipin Singh Parmar said that in view of the danger of corona and monkeypox, the guidelines and SOP issued in this regard will be followed. In this regard, a meeting has also been held with senior officials of the state government regarding security arrangements and preparations for the session.

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