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Jammu and Kashmir: Late night ruckus at NIT Srinagar, 5 students injured in scuffle between two groups


Late night scuffle between two groups at NIT Srinagar campus
5 students from both the sides injured.
The clash took place after the volleyball match was over.

Srinagar. Late night, students of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir created a ruckus on the campus. According to the police, a scuffle broke out between two groups on the campus late in the night, in which 5 students from both the sides were injured. According to the Srinagar Police, the clash took place after a volleyball match was over. After the clash, the police entered the premises on the request of NIT officials.

Police said that the situation in the campus is normal now. At the same time, the Srinagar Police has given information about the incident on its official Twitter handle. The police wrote that there was a scuffle late at night at NIT Srinagar. In this scuffle, after the end of the volleyball match, two groups of students of different batches clashed with each other. 5 students from both the sides have suffered minor injuries. Police entered the campus on the request of NIT officials and now the situation is normal.

Earlier last month also NIT Srinagar was in the headlines. Actually, there was a match between India and Pakistan during the Asia Cup. Regarding this, the institute had issued a decree not to watch the Indo-Pak cricket match in the group. Along with this, no post related to this match was ordered to be put on social media. This order was issued by the ‘Dean of Students Welfare’. It was also said in the order that the students should remain in their allotted rooms during the match.

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It is known that in the year 2016, there was a big uproar in the campus of NIT Srinagar. This year T20 World Cup took place. India had to face defeat in the final of the T20 World Cup. After this there were clashes in the institute between students from other states and local students. After this the institute had to be closed for several days. Even the then Home Minister Rajnath Singh had to intervene in the matter. He had called the then Chief Minister Mehboobi Mufti and asked him to take care of the matter.

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