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Jammu terror plot foiled, bomb disposal squad defuses IED found on Indo-Pak border

Jammu Kashmir Police: The Jammu Police foiled a major conspiracy by Pakistan late on Monday (November 14). The Jammu Police has deactivated two IDs kept near the police post of Fly Mandal near the India-Pakistan International Border. Different timers were installed in both these IDs of about 1 kg. Now questions are being raised whether Fly Mandar Police Post was on target of terrorists.

ID was kept in the bag in the fields

The matter is of Monday (November 14) late evening. In Fly Mandal village under the Satwari police station area, about 7 km from the International Border of Jammu, when the Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel were patrolling, they saw a black bag lying in the fields. Because at this time the crop has been harvested in most of the fields, in such a situation, this black colored bag was seen by the police personnel from a distance. In the initial search of this bag, the police got some doubt, after which not only senior officers reached the spot, but the bomb disposal squad of Jammu and Kashmir Police was also called in a hurry.

On identification of the ID in the bag, the Bomb Disposal Squad destroyed both the IDs lying in this bag. According to the Jammu and Kashmir Police, this bag was lying just 50 to 60 meters away from the Flying Circle police post. It cannot be denied that this time the target of the terrorists was the Fly Mandal police post of Jammu.

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Fear of dropping ID from drone

The Jammu and Kashmir Police has also claimed that the two IDs in this bag had different timers set. Meaning there could be one explosion after another. The intention of the terrorists cannot be denied that as soon as the first blast took place and the crowd gathered there, after some time there would be a second blast, which could have caused major damage. The police claim that Pakistan must have dropped these explosives with a drone. This cannot be denied.

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