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Jamui’s serial kisser arrested by police, Mohammad Akram used to ‘kiss’ during the day and this crime at night, three more arrested


Serial kisser who indulged in obscene act in Sadar Hospital arrested from Deoghar.
The person who used to tease women during the day used to steal things from the houses along with the gang at night.
Jamui police arrested three accused of serial kisser gang, all confessed to the crime.

Jamui. A serial kisser who indulged in obscene acts with a female employee in the premises of Jamui Sadar Hospital in broad daylight has been arrested from Deoghar. The Jamui police have arrested Akram, a young man who ran away after kissing a woman in broad daylight in the hospital. According to the police, the accused Akram, who used to increase the trouble of Jamui police by doing obscene acts with the woman, used to carry out many theft incidents in the night.

According to the police, this Akram had carried out the theft incidents in Mahisauri and Bihari areas in the past. Akram used to steal by forming an organized gang. The police have arrested three more youths along with him who used to steal with Akram.

Let us tell you that on March 10, when a female worker was busy talking on the phone at the Sadar Hospital in Jamui, a mischievous youth did an obscene act with the woman. According to the information received, the serial kisser arrested for kissing in broad daylight used to molest women and girls in broad daylight, and in the dark of night, along with his gang members, committed incidents of theft in many houses of Jamui city. Used to do it too.

On the instructions of Jamui SP Dr. Shaurya Suman, the Jamui police raided Jharkhand’s Deoghar and district headquarters overnight and arrested four vicious criminals including serial kisser with weapons. SP Shaurya Suman told that Akram has been arrested while verifying on the basis of CCTV footage in the case of obscene act of molestation with a female worker. On whose trail four other people have been arrested, who used to carry out the incidents of theft.

The arrested serial kisser Mohammad Akram is a resident of Mahisauri area. Mohammad Akram confessed that in the dark of night, he along with many youths used to carry out theft incidents in many houses of the city. In return, he used to get three thousand rupees.

Accused Akram told that he used to sell the stolen goods to the gang leader Babua Singh, Mahisauri. The police have also arrested four youths during this period. Who has been identified as Babu Tola resident Rajneesh Kumar, Sunny Kumar and Adsar resident Imran.

Sunday night was full of success for Jamui District Police. While many incidents were inaugurated simultaneously, the Jamui police arrested the accused with weapons, removing the veil from many other major incidents along with the arrest of the serial kisser.

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