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Jet Airways CEO praised e-passport, crossed immigration in just 10 seconds, know the benefits of digital passport

New DelhiOften the time taken in immigration becomes a headache for many passengers. However, at many airports in the world, this time is negligible. Jet Airways Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sanjeev Kapoor shared his experience at one such airport on social media. Sanjeev Kapoor recently shared a Twitter post saying that he passed the immigration of London Heathrow Airport in 10 seconds through the e-passport kiosk. In the tweet, he praised the digital immigration of both America and Britain. Using facial recognition in the US, immigration can be passed in 10 seconds.

He pointed out that with technology and services like e-Passport kiosks and Global Entry, no human contact is necessary for on-arrival immigration. This process is completely automated and digital. Long lines happen when you do not have an e-passport. During this there is a need to check manually.

What is e-passport
As per the Smart Card Operating System for Transport Applications (SCOSTA), e-passports are embedded with an electronic chip to enhance security and improve the level of identity verification. Travelers with e-passport do not have to stand in queues for long as it can be scanned in a matter of seconds. Also, it contains biometric records of individuals. Hence, it prevents fraudsters from stealing data and creating duplicate passports.

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