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Jihadi connection turned out in Coimbatore car blast case, Mubeen was questioned even before

Coimbatore Car Blast Case: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has started investigation into Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore car blast case. In this case, investigation will also be done regarding jihadi connections. On Sunday (23 October), this cylinder exploded in a car near Kottai Easwaran Temple in Coimbatore. The investigation of this case was handed over to the NIA. The investigating agency had started the investigation by registering an FIR in this case on Thursday (27 October).

The NIA has mentioned about the recovery of jihadi material from the house of the accused. NIA has recovered 109 items from the accused. These also include notebooks related to Islamic and jihadist ideology. Earlier, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin had recommended a probe by the NIA into the matter. The Tamil Nadu government had said that the decision to recommend the probe to the central counter-terrorism agency was taken as there was “probable international links” as well as involvement of “out-of-state” elements in the case.

Incriminating material recovered from Mubeen’s house

Jamisha Mubeen (29) died after this car explosion. Jamisha Mubeen was driving the car. 75 kg of explosives including potassium nitrate was seized from Mubeen’s house. So far six people have been arrested in this case. According to Tamil Nadu Police, 109 objectionable materials were seized. The recovered material included potassium nitrate, black powder, matches, two meter long cracker fuse, nitro-glycerin, red phosphorus, PETN powder, aluminum powder, wire, iron nail, switch, gas cylinder, gas regulator, insulation tape and Islamic ideology. Attached notebooks are included.

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There was an inquiry even before Mubeen

Mubeen was questioned by the NIA in 2018 for alleged terror links. It was then said that he was in touch with Mohammed Azharuddin, the ISIS module chief in Coimbatore, who is currently in jail. Mubeen was then let off for lack of evidence to prosecute. Based on the investigation, Indian intelligence agencies sent three alerts to Sri Lanka about possible terror attacks. Following the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, during the investigation, the NIA had learned that Azharuddin and his associate Sheikh Hidayatullah were in contact with Sri Lankan bombing mastermind Maulvi Zahran bin Hashim and were planning similar attacks in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Were.

BJP calls off strike

The district unit of BJP had also called for a strike over the Coimbatore car blast case, which has been called off. A strike was announced by the BJP on October 31. Coimbatore BJP chief Balaji Uthamramasamy said that in view of the loss, some industrialists had approached our state chief K Annamalai not to strike. After which the strike was called off.

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