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Jinping- Trudeau News: How China is a hidden goon, Jinping’s actions in G-20 proved it

New Delhi: India has been bringing the difference between China’s words and actions in front of the world many times. But this time China’s hooliganism was seen openly in the G-20 meeting. Chinese President Xi Jinping was seen showing bullying to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. By the way, this attitude of China is not new. His fraud from Galvan to Ladakh is in front of the world. India had failed the dragon move every time. Due to India’s strictness, China had to come on the back foot, but the trickster China does not miss any opportunity to bully the small countries. Something similar happened in Indonesia. He was seen showing arrogance in front of Canada.

Why is Jinping annoyed with Trudeau?
In fact, Trudeau had expressed displeasure over Chinese interference in Canada in a meeting with Jinping on the sidelines of the G-20 meeting. Canadian police said on Monday that an employee of Hydrocubic, Canada’s largest power maker, had been arrested on charges of spying for China. The man was accused of trying to steal trade secrets to benefit China.
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What did Jinping say?

The Chinese President said that whatever conversation took place between us is leaked to the newspaper, it is not right. Had there been seriousness from your side, such talks would not have taken place. If you are agreeable then we can discuss it with mutual consent. But it is not right to be like this. When the conversation between the two ended, Jinping told Trudeau in a threatening manner that it was all right but the conditions would remain first.

Canadian PM also told
Trudeau reprimanded Dragon fiercely on Jinping’s allegations. He said that Canada believes in open dialogue. In Canada, we believe in free, open and fair dialogue and will continue to do so. He said that we will continue to work together but such issues will come on which we will not agree in future.
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Cheater China exposed
On the basis of its money and power, China executes such activities in the world, which sometimes remain hidden. But this time Canada has openly exposed their antics. There have been many such allegations on China ranging from Corona, which it has been denying. But Trudeau’s answer has exposed China. But the vehemence in which Jinping tried to threaten Trudeau was surprising.
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India had shattered China’s bullying
During the conflict in Ladakh, India responded to China in its own language. Even today the armies of both the countries are face to face on LAC. India is increasing infrastructure along the borders with China. India had adopted a very tough stand even during the Galvan conflict. India had given a befitting reply to every action of the dragon. From suspending trade with China, mutual relations were also banned. PM Narendra Modi and Jinping shook hands in G-20. But still the relations between the two countries are not normal.
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China is constantly threatening Taiwan as well
China’s habit of threatening is not new. He has been continuously threatening Taiwan as well. However, America has stood in favor of Taiwan. In such a situation, China is unable to dare to attack Taiwan. China tells Taiwan its share while the people there call themselves an independent country. Taiwan’s President Sai Ing-wen has been openly defying China’s threat. A few days ago, Wen had said that China’s threat to take military action against Taiwan would not lead to any solution and would only increase the distance between the two sides.



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