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JP Nadda inaugurated the party office in Nagaland, said- Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought the politics of ‘report card’ into existence

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president JP Nadda on Monday lashed out at the opposition parties. He said that there was a time when politicians used to forget their promises after the elections. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought “report card politics” into existence. Inaugurating the office of the Nagaland state unit of BJP online, Nadda said that this is the 237th office out of 512 offices of the party across the country. During this, where Nadda recited ballads in praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he targeted the opposition fiercely.

Inaugurating the BJP office, JP Nadda said, “I am happy to inform that 153 BJP offices are being constructed at the district level. We have come a long way in strengthening the party. Our worker works for the strength of the party on the ground. He said that it is an honor for me to inaugurate one of the big party offices in the Northeast. Praising the BJP workers, Nadda said that BJP is not only a political party, but also a party working for social interests. Our crores of workers helped countless people at the time of Kovid.

Prime Minister has changed the political culture of the country – JP Nadda
During the program, JP Nadda praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that Prime Minister Modi changed the political culture of the country. There was a time when leaders used to forget their promises after the elections, but Modi ji gave such a government which is very active. Responds and is responsible, they brought the politics of report card into existence. He said that after becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had set the goal of opening a well-organized office of the party in every district of the country.

Significantly, assembly elections are to be held in Nagaland in 2023. All parties have geared up in the election field. BJP is preparing to contest elections here with NDPP. It was told that out of 60 seats in Nagaland, BJP is likely to contest on 20 while NDPP is likely to contest on 40 seats. BJP has also become active here amid election enthusiasts. The party has started outlining its campaign.

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