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Jungle News: Sanichar living with wolves, the real ‘Mowgli’ of Jungle Book was found in India

human in appearance but animal behavior

This Indian child living among wolves was found in the forests of Bulandshahr in 1889. He was six years old, named Dina Sanichar. He was found in a cave by a group of hunters. Sanichar grew up among wolves. He used to sit like a wolf and behave like animals. His human demeanor had completely changed.

he could not speak for the rest of his life

he could not speak for the rest of his life

He started doing the same as he had seen wild animals in his childhood. His physical and mental abilities were also like those of animals. It was from him that Kipling got the idea of ​​Mowgli. Disney later adapted the book into a cartoon film, which was loved all over the world. Sanichar was sent to an orphanage in Agra but did not become physically strong for the rest of his life. He could never speak. (pic- from the movie)

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