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Jungle News: These creatures talk like humans for 400 million years, you will be shocked to know!

Many types of animals are found all over the world. All living beings have some special feature. But do you know that just as we humans communicate in some language to communicate with each other, animals also communicate with each other. There are 53 species of animals that make sounds to communicate with each other. These species were previously thought to be silent creatures. In a recently published research journal, it has been claimed that the specialty of communication in these organisms was developed about 400 million years ago.

pet turtle sound record

This research is published in the journal Nature Communications. Research author Gabriel Yorgevich-Cohen says that he got the idea to study the sound of silent animals while doing research on turtles in the jungles of Brazil. After this he started recording the sounds of pets in the beginning. He started it with his pet turtle, Homer. While he was recording Homer’s voice, he saw that he and the other turtles were making a sound from their throats.

hydrophone recording

After recording the voice of his pet turtle, he proceeded with his research. He began recording the sounds of other turtle species. Hydrophones were used to record the sound of turtles. This is a device that can be used as a microphone under water. The researchers found that all the turtle species studied were communicating by making sounds. After this, this research was done on other animals, which were considered silent.

study of these organisms

In the research, researchers studied 50 species of turtles and three other very unique creatures. All of them were considered mute. But now they have been recorded. These include an amphibian that is a hybrid of snakes and insects, a lungfish with gills as well as lugs, and a reptile called the tuatara. The sound of some of these species can be easily heard. At the same time, the voice of many is very slow. Many of these animals make sounds only a few times a day.

History is 40.7 million years old


The researchers combined this research based on these species with data from the history of the origin of acoustic communication of 1800 other species. Researchers did this because they wanted to know how old the history of these javas is. In research, it was found that these creatures also come from the same place. All these organisms have a common ancestor. Their ancestors are already living on Earth about 407 million years ago.



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