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Jungle News: Tiger coming out of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in the population, Big Cat became a problem for the villagers

Srijit Awasthi

Pilibhit, Pilibhit District Tiger of Uttar Pradesh is known for its wildlife in the country and abroad. But, many times the incidents of conflict between humans and wild animals become the reason for the headlines. Recently, a laborer had lost his life in a tiger attack in a farm situated on the border of Uttarakhand. According to the villagers, the attacking tiger has once again been seen in this area.

In fact, in the past, a laborer Ramesh Mandal, a resident of Joshi Colony of Newria area of ​​Pilibhit, had been made his victim by a tiger. This incident of tiger attack took place during peeling of sugarcane in a farm situated on the border of Uttarakhand adjacent to Pilibhit. After making noise after the attack, the tiger had fled back into the forest. But, now the villagers say that the movement of this tiger has been seen once again in the area. In such a situation, people have started shying away from going to work on their farms. At the same time, children and elders have to be imprisoned in homes as soon as the day ends.

Attacking tiger returns to population

Let us tell you that this area shares the border with the neighboring state of Uttarakhand. The Surai range of the forests of Uttarakhand seems to be there. According to the Forest Department, the attacking tiger came out of the Surai range and came to the fields. There are many villages of Pilibhit district around this area. In such a situation, keeping in view the safety of the villagers, the Forest Department is keeping a close watch on the tiger. According to officials, the location of the tiger is being traced by installing camera traps in the entire area.

Giving information on the whole matter, Forest Inspector Soni Singh said that on the instructions of higher officials, the tiger is being monitored by installing cameras at four places. He has also appealed to the villagers to be vigilant.

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