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Kamal Nath met Sonia Gandhi, said- I am not interested in the post of Congress President


Kamal Nath met Sonia Gandhi
Said- I am not interested in the post of Congress President
Former CM can solve Rajasthan political crisis

New Delhi. Senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Monday said that he is not interested in the post of party president. He made this remark at a time when there were reports after the developments in Rajasthan that Kamal Nath may also be included in the possible candidates for the post of Congress President.

Kamal Nath met Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday. Sources say that this meeting was in the context of the political crisis in Rajasthan and Kamal Nath can play a role in resolving this crisis. Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President Kamal Nath said in response to a question, “I have no interest in the post of President. I have come only to wish Sonia Gandhi a Happy Navratri.

Kamal Nath can go to Rajasthan
According to sources, the party can also send Kamal Nath to Rajasthan. Earlier, there has been a discussion on the phone between Ashok Gehlot and Kamal Nath regarding the Congress President. Ashok Gehlot had given the offer of party president to Kamal Nath. Ashok Gehlot had tried to persuade Kamal Nath to become the party president by discussing with him on the phone in the past. Then Kamal Nath had made it clear that he would not leave Madhya Pradesh till the 2023 elections. This was the reason why Ashok Gehlot’s name remained at the top for the party president. But now the way the situation in Rajasthan has become, Kamal Nath was called to get out of that situation.

High command angry with CM Gehlot
According to sources, the Congress high command is angry with CM Ashok Gehlot after Sunday’s developments. Gehlot may be out of the race for the post of Congress national president. Because, senior leaders no longer want to see him as the party president. Congress observers Mallikarjun Kharge and Rajasthan in-charge Ajay Maken have recommended that Ashok Gehlot should not be made the party president. According to the information, both the observers Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken have spoken of taking disciplinary action against some MLAs.

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