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Karnataka: Curfew imposed in Shimoga due to Savarkar poster controversy, a youth attacked with a knife

Savarkar Poster Controversy: Violent clashes broke out in Shimoga, Karnataka over the poster dispute of Savarkar and Tipu Sultan on Independence Day. A young man was attacked with a knife. He was admitted to the hospital in injured condition. Seeing the situation becoming uncontrollable, the administration has imposed curfew in the city till August 18. All schools and colleges in the city will remain closed today.

Police reached the spot after some people of Tipu Sultan’s army uprooted Savarkar’s poster from a pillar in Amir Ahmed Circle of the city. The police chased the people and pelted them with sticks. It is being said that people associated with Hindutva organizations had put up a poster of Savarkar there, but after some time some Muslim youths reached there with the flag of Tipu Sultan Army and started trying to remove the picture. A heated argument ensued between Hindu and Muslim youths over this matter which turned into a violent clash. When the poster was uprooted, there was a ruckus. The tricolor was already flying on the spot.

Curfew in Shimoga till August 18

A 26-year-old boy named Prem Singh was stabbed with a knife in a violent clash over poster uprooting. The police, dealing strictly, took into custody some people who were creating a ruckus. After this, Section 144 was imposed in Shimoga city till 18 August so that the ruckus could be controlled.

According to local media, the photo of Tipu Sultan was replaced by Savarkar’s photo from the spot, which led to a dispute. Heavy police force was deployed on the spot. It is being said that in view of the ruckus, Karnataka Home Minister Araga Gyanendra will visit Shimoga. At present, there is heavy tension in the city and an appeal has been made to the people to maintain peace.

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