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Karnataka has 5 guaranteed highways, will Congress win in 4 states!

Report- Santosh Choubey

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi’s important message to the voters before and after the Karnataka assembly elections was five guarantees. These include 200 units of free electricity per household every month, 10 kg free rice to each member of a Below Poverty Line (BPL) household, free bus travel for women, Rs 2,000 to the female head of the household and unemployment allowance to graduates, diploma holders Is.

The word Mufti Rewadis given by the BJP was used by the Congress as a strong thorn against the Basavaraj-Bommai-led BJP government, in which the former government was completely trapped.

Announcements and Verdicts Date by Date
On April 16, 2023, addressing the public in his first rally after the announcement of elections in the state, Rahul Gandhi said that, if the Congress comes to power, these five guarantees will be implemented from the very first day of the cabinet meeting.

On May 10, two days before the election, Rahul again tweeted that work is in progress on five guarantees – first day, first cabinet meeting.

After the Congress won a landslide victory on 13 May, Rahul thanked the people of Karnataka for believing in the party’s campaign, its promises and the opportunity given. But after this impressive victory, it is now a tough time for the party to implement these guarantees, especially with the next Lok Sabha elections less than a year away.

On 20 May, the Congress government headed by Siddaramaiah was sworn in. Karnataka Congress president DK Shivakumar became deputy chief minister and eight senior legislators were made cabinet ministers without portfolios. After the government was formed, Rahul said that five guarantees would be converted into law in the next two hours. He said, ‘We do not give false assurances, rather we are rich in our words. The first cabinet meeting of the new government will be held in one to two hours. With that meeting, all five ‘guarantees’ will take the form of law.

A little more time then guarantee implementation guarantee
After the formation of the government on that day, these five guarantees were approved in principle, but they were not converted into law. The Chief Minister asked for time till the next meeting for this, it was said that the financial aspect and mode of operation were to be discussed to implement the five guarantees.

When Siddaramaiah was asked why all this was not considered while announcing these promises to the voters, he asked them to trust his government’s intention to go ahead and implement them. He said that in a state with a budget of Rs 3 lakh crore, there should be no problem in expecting the promises of spending Rs 50,000 crore every year

Estimated Cost of Invoking the Guarantee
An estimate based on the data available for the state reveals that three of these five guarantees—free electricity, Rs 2,000 to every female head of a household, and unemployment allowance to graduates and diploma holders—would cost Rs 54,000 crore. Is. If free food grains and bus rides for women are also added to this, it will increase to about Rs 60,000 crore, although the final cost of these five guarantees can be known only when they are fully implemented.

and enforceable guarantees
On 27 May, two more ministers were sworn in, taking the total number of ministers to 32, including the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister. The portfolios were announced on 28 May. When the second cabinet meeting took place on 2 June, the Siddaramaiah government approved all the five guarantees. After this, from July 1, the scheme of free electricity and 10 kg food grains will be implemented for the families below the poverty line. The guarantee of giving Rs 2,000 to the female head of the family will start from August 15. Whose eligible members will be members of BPL, APL and Antyodaya card holder families. Women can avail free bus ride within Karnataka in non-AC bus from June 11

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On June 3, the government issued an order to give unemployment allowance to graduate and diploma holders. Youths who have passed in 2023 and unemployed for 6 months will be eligible for this scheme. Under this, an unemployed graduate will be given Rs 3,000 per month for two years while an unemployed diploma holder will be given Rs 1500 per month.

The Siddaramaiah government took 12 days to approve these guarantees. In this, the first guarantee will be implemented 13 days after the formation of the government, the second on June 11 i.e. after 21 days and the third-fourth in 41 days and the fifth in 86 days. The state government told the reason behind the immediate implementation of 4 out of five guarantees to be held in the future.

Will the road of Karnataka reach the Congress in all the four states and the center?
Four assembly elections are to be held in the country this year itself, in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Telangana. Congress is an important player in the election race in these states. In Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, they have their own government. As soon as the assembly elections are over, next year’s Lok Sabha elections are also in the queue. The Congress is trying hard to forge an alliance to defeat the BJP and the party has been repeatedly indicating that its prime ministerial candidate would be Rahul Gandhi.

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Karnataka can act as a smooth and flat highway to ease the way in the upcoming elections, otherwise, on the contrary, the way the Congress got the benefit of the anti-incumbency wave in Karnataka, the same atmosphere can happen in the Congress-ruled states as well. And this is a fact that will work in the Lok Sabha elections as well. Since 2014, the BJP has done exceptionally well in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, breaking the political superstitions that prevailed in states such as Uttar Pradesh and retaining its governments in Gujarat, Assam and Uttarakhand. Good governance can be the only way forward for the Congress. Even if it is through implementing things that are given for free. Due to which there is a possibility of harming the financial health of the country in the long run.

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