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Karnataka minister’s party organizes class after statement on cow slaughter law

New Delhi. The Congress has slammed Karnataka Animal Husbandry Minister K.K. Reprimanding Venkatesh, he has said that he should focus on his department and not take policy decisions. Party general secretary and Karnataka in-charge Randeep Surjewala gave this information on Thursday. Surjewala told that he has told Venkatesh not to take policy decisions as it is not his jurisdiction.

According to the Congress general secretary, he has asked the minister to focus on the issues of dairy farmers and ensure that dairy farmers get the right price for milk. It is notable that the Animal Husbandry Minister of Karnataka, K.K. Venkatesh had indicated on Saturday that the newly formed Congress government in the state may review the ‘anti-cow slaughter’ law brought by the previous BJP government. Also, he questioned that when buffaloes can be slaughtered then why not cows.

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Congress top leadership handled the matter in time!

Earlier there was a BJP government in Karnataka. In the year 2020, the BJP passed a law against cow slaughter in Karnataka. After the coming of the new government, it was expected that this law should be abolished. Animal Husbandry Minister K. Venkatesh’s statement has come to the fore. However, considering the public sentiment and Hindu voters, the central leadership of the Congress is currently not in a mood to air the issue. The Congress party knows that next year general elections are to be held in the country. This is the reason why at present Minister K. Venkatesh has been advised to keep his mouth shut.

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