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Karoli Baba: Karauli Baba became farmer leader, know what is the story of Santosh Singh Bhadauria of Kanpur?

Kanpur. Till a few days ago Baba of Bageshwar was in discussion, so now Karauli Baba of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh seems to be embroiled in controversies. A doctor from Noida has filed a case against him under sections of assault. Let’s know who is this baba of Karauli government and how he treats with tantra mantra.

The name of this Baba is Santosh Singh Bhadoria alias Karauli Baba. It is alleged that when a doctor denied his miracle, he got his servants to beat him up. At the same time, Baba says that all the allegations leveled against him are false. This person was sent to him after planning. This has been done by drug mafias.

Please inform that Santosh Singh Bhadoria alias Karauli Baba’s empire worth crores of rupees will be seen in Karauli village of Kanpur. Where ATMs are found in urban areas, you will find them in Baba’s ashram in this secluded village, about 20 km from Kanpur headquarter. Spread over 14 acres, this ashram is crowded with people. Will come Thousands of people reach his ashram daily not only from the country but also from abroad.

Ashram’s rate card
You will get complete facilities in the ashram. Here you will have to get token deducted for everything. From meeting Baba to Yagya Havan, there is a system of receipt for everything. The devotees who come here first have to deduct a receipt of 100 rupees. After this, different rates are fixed. The cost of Havan ranges from 5000 to 100000 rupees. You will get all the things in this ashram.

Baba claims to treat with tantra
Santosh Singh Bhadoria claimed that he cures people with the power and tantra of Shiva. He cures people completely by doing godly treatment. Be it a curable disease or an incurable disease, He has a cure for every disease. On the allegations leveled against him, Baba says that a conspiracy is being hatched in this way to defame him and Sanatan Dharma. This is the work of Sanatan opponents and drug mafia. He claimed that he has offers from many countries to set up this court there.

Baba became Santosh from such a leader
Santosh Singh Bhadauria was the first farmer leader. After this he bought some land in Karauli. Then he first built the temple of Lord Shani. After that he bought some more land and built an ashram. In the beginning, he was doing treatment by becoming an Ayurvedic doctor, but then gradually he started claiming to cure people by chanting tantra mantras.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 22, 2023, 07:20 IST

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