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Kartik Bhil murder case: Dalit community agitated in Rajasthan, administration shut down internet again

Pratik Solanki.

Sirohi. The controversy arising out of the murder of Kartik Bhil, a resident of Shivganj in Sirohi district of Rajasthan, has not subsided for the second day as well. Angered by this incident, along with the Dalit community, the BTP MLA of Dungarpur has camped in the Sirohi court. They are adamant on demanding justice for the family members. In view of the situation, the Divisional Commissioner is shutting down the internet facility in Sirohi city for the next 24 hours from 1 pm on Saturday. A heavy police force has been deployed in the District Collectorate.

According to information, Karthik Bhil was a social worker. Karthik Bhil was fatally attacked by some people 12 days ago while going from Sirohi to Javal. After that Karthik was admitted to Mehsana in Gujarat for treatment. Karthik died on Friday during treatment there. After the news of Karthik’s death, the Dalit society got agitated. After that, on Saturday, Rajkumar Roat, BTP MLA from Dungarpur staged a sit-in at the Collectorate along with the Dalit community demanding justice.

These are the main demands of the protesters
The protesters demand that the killers of Kartik Bhil should be given the harshest punishment. Proper compensation should be given to the relatives. One person from the family of the deceased should be given a government job. Apart from this, Barlut station officer and CO should be suspended. On this matter, on Friday also, the protesters had negotiated a settlement with the district police and the administration, but no solution could be found out of it. Angered by the non-acceptance of their demands, the Dalit community staged a sit-in at the District Collectorate under the leadership of Dungarpur MLA Rajkumar Rot on Saturday.

Demand to get the post mortem of Karthik’s body done in Sirohi
In view of the possibility of worsening of the situation and to maintain peace and stop misleading news, the district administration has banned internet in Sirohi city for the next 24 hours from noon on Saturday. The district collectorate has been converted into a cantonment. Police and administration officials are monitoring the entire matter. The protesters also demand that the post-mortem of Kartik Bhil’s body should be brought to Sirohi. The MLA alleges that the accused had attacked Karthik Bhil several times in the past as well, but the Barlut police station did not take any cognizance. Due to this, Karthik had to lose his life.

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