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Kashinath Yadav-Vyasji Gond: ‘We are some peons..sit quietly..’, when 2 former ministers of SP clashed for the chair

Ballia News: Fights are often seen in politics over the chair, but on Wednesday, there was a fight over the chair to sit on the stage in Ballia. SP leader and former minister Ambika Chaudhary, who was present on the stage, kept watching the battle of chair between the two former ministers.


  • The song ‘Neta Ji Ki Mahima’ based on the life of Mulayam Singh Yadav was released
  • The event was held in a hotel in Ballia
  • Organizers former minister Kashinath and Vyasji Gond clashed over sitting on the stage
Baliya: In Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, two SP leaders and former ministers with status clashed on the stage over the chair. When one minister said that you should go back, the other minister said that I am a peon… There has been a lot of tussle between the two ministers. Somehow the other leaders present there pacified both the ministers.

The song ‘Neta Ji Ki Mahima’ based on the life of Mulayam Singh Yadav was released by former SP minister Kashinath Yadav in a hotel from 12 noon on Wednesday. The chief guest of the program was Rajiv Rai and former minister Ambika Chaudhary. The program organizer was former minister Kashinath Yadav. Former minister Vyasji Gond reached the stage. Organizer former minister Kashinath said that you go back, on this the former minister Vyasji felt annoyed and said that I am a peon, in this Kashinath insisted with folded hands and said that sit down, after that Kashinath again said quietly. If you want to sit then sit, otherwise go away. All these former minister Ambika Chaudhary sitting there kept watching. They didn’t even understand what had happened all of a sudden. After that the song was started by Ambika Choudhary by cutting the lace.

Coming from Ghazipur and humiliated in Ballia – Vyasji Gond

Former minister Vyasji Gond said that the dispute over the chair in the program on Wednesday will be brought to the notice of national president Akhilesh Yadav. Former minister Vyasji Gond said that I was called on the stage. The district president had gone on the call of Rajmangala Yadav. I was sitting on the chair below the stage and former minister Kashinath Yadav humiliated me by calling me on the stage, because I am a scheduled caste Gond, he also came from Ghazipur and humiliated me in Ballia. Former minister Vyasji Gond said that Netaji (late Mulayam Singh) treated me like a son.
Input-Narendra Mishra

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