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Kejriwal ji… I will not back down, another letter from jail by Mahathug Sukesh Chandrashekhar

New Delhi: Jailed thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar has written another letter in which he has told why the allegations he is accusing AAP leaders are not earlier. He has told that when the ED and CBI were interrogating him, why did he not disclose the allegations against AAP leaders, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and jailed minister Satyendar Jain. While addressing the media, Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is in jail, wrote that I will answer this, let me tell you that due to the constant threats from the jail administration, I kept silent and ignored everything. Even after I went through the process of interrogation, Minister Satyendar Jain demanded money from me during Punjab and Goa elections.

Chandrashekhar’s letter further states that this year, because it has become too much, I have decided to proceed according to the law. Not because someone is asking me to do this. Sukesh said Kejriwal ji, why Satyendar Jain was constantly asking me to withdraw the complaint filed in the High Court against former DG Sandeep Goyal and the jail administration, besides asking me to give more money for your election campaigns. Why was the threat made? Why are you afraid of investigation? If you are honest then what are you afraid of?

Further written in the letter, Kejriwal ji, Manish ji has said that I am doing all this because I am being helped in my case, I will be happy to answer it, unfortunately it is very wrong, because I am not aware of anyone. Not interested in help and luckily I am able to handle my case and prove my innocence. So stop diverting the matter from the main issue. In his letter, Chandrashekhar said, Kejriwal ji, don’t say that all this is being done because of elections. Let me tell you something and give you some advice, you and Mr. Jain are among the few people who know me well, so don’t be under the illusion that I am not proof of what I said Will give, I will give everything that I have, which you know very well, because your mask is to be removed.



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