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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed said – Every person born in India is a Hindu, then why don’t you call me

Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan while addressing the people at the inauguration ceremony of the Hindu conference organized by Malayali Hindus targeted the BBC documentary. Khan said that those predicting darkness for India are worried, so they are doing negative propaganda. Khan said that those who had predicted darkness for India, who had said that India would break into hundreds of pieces, are upset. Khan said that’s why you see all these conspiracies where they are trying to include such documentaries in this kind of negative propaganda. Why didn’t they make a documentary when the British came to India?

Simultaneously, the Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammed Khan, asked the people present at the event to call him ‘Hindu’. He remarked that ‘Hindu’ is not a religious term, but defines people born in a particular geographical area. Khan said, “Why don’t you call me a Hindu? I do not consider Hindu as a religious word. ‘Hindu’ is a geographical term. Anyone who is born in India, anyone who lives (here), or eats food born in India, anyone who drinks water from the rivers of India, is entitled to call himself a Hindu.”

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