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Kerala replacing Punjab as ‘drug capital’: Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

Arif Mohammad Khan: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan says the state is fast replacing Punjab as the ‘drug capital’. The governor expressed embarrassment that lotteries and liquor have become the two main sources of revenue in this south Indian state.

Khan, who is at loggerheads with the Left government over various issues including appointments in universities, said that in such a situation everyone is campaigning against alcohol, but Kerala is promoting its use.

The two main means of tax are lottery and liquor.

Arif Mohammad Khan said, “Here, we have decided that lottery and liquor are enough for our development. What an embarrassment for a state with 100% literacy. Being the head of the state, I feel ashamed that the two main sources of revenue in my state are lottery and liquor. Have any of you guys sitting here ever bought a lottery ticket? Only very poor people buy lottery tickets. You are looting them. You are making our people addicted to alcohol.

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Replacing Punjab

At a book launch event in Kerala, Khan said Kerala is replacing Punjab as the ‘drug capital’. Because the state is promoting the sale of liquor. Everyone campaigns against drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol is being encouraged here. What a shame.

Significantly, there was a lot of tussle between Kerala Governor and state Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in September also over liquor and lottery becoming the main source of revenue. Khan had also criticized the Left government a lot.

The issue of appointment of Vice Chancellors

The Kerala Governor on Saturday also raised the issue of appointment of Vice Chancellors of different universities in Kerala and said that the High Court has already clarified that the appointment of Vice Chancellors is the responsibility of the Governor. He said that the state government has no role in this and if the governor makes any law, it should be as per the rules of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

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Arif Mohammad Khan also hit out at Kerala ministers who questioned his authority and said that a state minister had asked if a governor of Uttar Pradesh could understand the education system of Kerala. Khan said, “The High Court clarified this yesterday. Don’t make similar remarks about Hon’ble High Court judge as yesterday he too has given judgment against appointment of Vice Chancellor of Kerala Technical University.

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