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Killed at Singhu border at 3 o’clock in the night … Nihang group who took responsibility for the murder told the whole incident, accused arrested

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On Friday, the case of the brutal murder of a person on the Singhu border remained on the tongue of the people. The gruesome pictures of this murder continued to be shared on social media. The body of this man was found tied to the barricade near the farmers’ protest site in Kundli in Sonipat district of Haryana. One hand covered in blood. Who was this person, who killed it so mercilessly, for what fault was it hanged after beheading it? Come, know the answers to all these questions here.

Where’s the event?
The incident took place near the farmers’ protest site at Kundli in Sonipat district in Haryana. The protest site of the farmers is near the Delhi-Haryana border in Singhu. It has been the center of farmers’ agitation for over 10 months against the Centre’s three agricultural laws.

Who was this person after all?
The deceased has been identified as Lakhbir Singh. Lakhbir belongs to the Dalit community. He was a resident of Cheema Khurd in Tarn Taran district of Punjab. He used to work as a laborer. The age of this person is around 35 years. When Lakhbir was six months old, he was adopted by a man named Harnam Singh. It is said that Harnam is Lakhbir’s uncle. Lakhbir’s real father’s name was Darshan Singh. His sister’s name is Raj Kaur. Lakhbir was married. His wife Jaspreet did not live with him. He also has three daughters.

Why did people get angry on Rakesh Tikait over the incident of Singhu border?

Who killed Lakhbir?
The Nihang group Nirver Khalsa-Udna Dal has claimed responsibility for Lakhbir’s murder. The reason for this is attributed to the sacrilege of the holy book. Balwinder, a member of the Nihang group, has even said that the same will be done to anyone who dares to commit sacrilege in the future.

How did Lakhbir join the Nihang group?
It is said that Lakhbir had come there some time back. He had expressed his desire to serve the Guru (the holy book). Slowly he won everyone’s trust. The people of the group were very happy with his service.

What happened on Friday?
The matter happened on Friday at around 3:30 in the morning. The pucca sevadars went to take a bath before performing the light puja. During that time Lakhbir committed sacrilege with the holy book. He also ran with him with the book. He was caught at some distance by the people of the group and beaten to death. The group warned that the same would be done to anyone who insulted the Guru.

Singhu Border Lynching: Rape, murder, firing, posters of Bhindranwale… How long will all this continue to happen under the guise of farmers’ agitation?

Several video clips related to this incident have gone viral. In a clip, Nihang is seen asking the man where he has come from. Before dying, the man can be heard saying something in Punjabi and pleading for forgiveness from the Nihangs. It is seen in the video that Nihang is constantly asking him who had sent him to do sacrilege.

In what condition was the body found?
Lakhbir’s body was found hanging tied to a barricade. His left hand was chopped off. His arms were tied with ropes to the barricades. He was hanging from it. Police has sent the body to Sonepat Civil Hospital for post-mortem. Haryana Police has taken one person into custody in the case.



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