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Knife and cut fruits… Aftab wrote, ‘Look at the profile pic, am I a bad man’

New Delhi: It is said that by looking at the social media account of a person, you will get to know about his personality. Even for jobs, social media accounts are searched in some companies. The Facebook posts of Aftab Poonawalla, accused of the Shraddha murder case, which shook the entire country, are now going viral. A post he did on 3 October 2016. It shows pieces of fruit and a knife. In fact, this is a link to a story with the heading – How to become a master at chopping vegetables and fruits? This learner has been arrested after six years for slicing 35 pieces of his live-in partner’s body. The social media accounts of 28-year-old Poonawalla and his partner Shraddha Walker (26) are revealing important information about their life and personality.

look at my profile pic…
The police have also started scanning the social media accounts of the killer. This can help in preparing a profile regarding Aftab’s mental state and some new things can also come to the fore. The policemen’s attention was drawn to a Facebook post in which Poonawalla wrote, ‘Look at my profile pic, can anyone say that I am a bad man.’ He wrote this many years ago.

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Poonawalla remained active on Facebook till 2018, as per his posts. However, till February this year, he was definitely quite active on his Instagram page. He had created an account on Insta with the name ‘hungry-chokro escapades’. Her last post was about chocolate on February 2. If you look at his account, it is full of pictures of fancy cocktails and dishes. From 2017 till now, the number of his followers had also reached more than 28,000.

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On the other hand, if you look at Shraddha Walker’s Instagram account, it is known that there are pictures but she was not that active. He has an account called ‘thatshortrebel’. Her friends and family members tell that she was a jovial girl who loved to travel. A week before the murder, he had posted a picture of himself on Instagram from Himachal Pradesh. 10 days before that, he shared a video recorded at a beautiful place in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Notably, he posted only these two posts after he shifted from Mumbai to Delhi earlier this year. The only photo he posted with Poonawalla was on February 14 with the caption – ‘Happy days’.

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In January 2019, a picture of Walker is shared on ‘thatshortribel’ in which she is seen reading. In the same year, she shared pictures of Manali and Uttarakhand, while she was living in Mumbai at that time. In 2021 he did not post any. After seeing Aftab’s social media post, people have also started reacting to it. One user wrote, ‘This was preparing for many years.’



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