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Know from Dr. Vijay Niranjan, your own giving life on minor things, tips to take care of your loved ones

Report: Ankit Parmar

Indore. Cases of suicides are continuously being reported in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. The fatal step was taken by TV actress Vaishali Thakkar, three girl students and now an interior designer, but the most shocking case was that of three girl students consuming poison together, which has shaken the entire city. The three girls living in Sehore had come to Indore together and consumed poison. According to Bhanwarkua police station in-charge Shashikant Kanakane, a video was made in Ashta’s school before three minor girls took sulfas bullets, which the police have found. After making the video, he came to Indore and consumed pills. Due to this, two minor girls have died during treatment. At the same time, the condition of a minor girl is out of danger and her statements have been taken.

If we talk about the reasons for the three friends consuming poison, then a young woman had consumed sulfas tablet because her boyfriend was not coming to meet her. While the second girl was angry about something about her family members, but the reason for the third girl consuming poison is a bit strange. She told that she was scared after consuming the poison of two friends, after which she also took the fatal step.

News18 has spoken to Dr. Vijay Niranjan, a renowned physician and psychologist, to know the psychological reason behind this case and how other parents can prevent their children from taking such steps. Dr. Vijay told that this type of suicide is called ‘copycat’ suicide. Seeing one, such a mentality was created in the other person and he also related himself to that place that his life is also useless. In this case, out of the three suicide girls, two girls had some personal problems. One girl was having a fight with her parents and the other with her boyfriend, but the third girl became a victim of copycat mentality. Even in the statement given to the police, this girl had told that she was scared seeing both the friends. He felt that if both of these are not there then he should not live either.

take care of yourself like this
Psychiatrist Dr. Vijay Niranjan told that parents should keep in mind that their children’s self-assessment or self-steam should not remain around any one thing. Giving examples, he said that the way we diversify our financial investments, such as in stocks, FDs, real estate or other sectors, we invest little by little, so that if the return does not come from one place, then our money from another place. There was economic growth. Similarly, we should diversify our children’s self-steam or rather, the goal of their life. Also said, ‘Parents should give such education to the children from childhood that they should set their goals in different areas. Whether it is related to education, parents, friends, creative activities or sports. So that he does not feel that he is a failure while dealing with the real and big problems of life. They feel that they may not be doing better in one or two areas, but in other things they are doing better and better than others. This type of gesture helps children to stay motivated throughout their lives.

Constant communication with children is necessary
Dr Vijay told that the most important thing to give multi-dimensional exposure is to have constant communication from children to children. If there is better communication, we can tell children that their life is not meant for one person or one goal. Multidimensional exposure and related information should be given by parents and teachers to their children from childhood itself. Keep giving information about inspirational books and inspirational personality. So that we can help make their future stable.

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