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Kovid cases increasing rapidly, do not panic, but experts alert on XBB.1.16 variant

New Delhi. Delhi is witnessing a gradual increase in the cases of Kovid-19 in the recent past. Meanwhile, some medical experts say that the new XBB.1.16 version may be the reason for the increase in cases, but there is no need to panic. He said that people should follow the Covid guidelines and if they have not taken the booster dose of vaccines then take it. Experts also said that many people may have taken the Covid test as a precautionary measure in case of fever and related ailments due to influenza virus, due to which this increase in cases of infection has happened.

In the last one week, there has been a sharp increase in the cases of H3N2 influenza in some parts of the country including the national capital. Meanwhile, an increase in Covid cases has also been observed in Delhi. On Friday, 150 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Delhi and the infection rate was 6.66 percent. A day before this, 117 cases were reported and the infection rate was 4.95 percent. There has been a doubling of infection cases since Tuesday. On Tuesday, 83 cases of infection were reported and the infection rate was 5.83 percent while one case of death was reported.

Virus infecting by changing form
Dr. Jugal Kishore, head of the department of medicine at the central government-run Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, said that Covid has become “similar to influenza”. This virus infects people every year by changing its form. He said, “Omicron form infected more than 95 percent of the population. People developed antibodies against it. If a form does not take a new form, then there is a possibility of fewer cases of infection coming out of it. XBB.1.16 is a variant of Omicron, which originated in Japan and has been found in China and Singapore. It may be that due to this the cases of infection are increasing in India.

XBB.1.16 is said to be highly contagious
The doctor said that XBB.1.16 is expected to be highly contagious. Due to this, cases are expected to increase, but there will not be more deaths. With more investigation, more cases will come to the fore. However, Dr. Kishore has cautioned people suffering from chronic diseases that they are at higher risk. Kishore said that he is afraid that death can also happen in these cases. Kishore said, “Those who have not taken the booster dose of vaccines should take it, especially those who have more than one disease in their family.

New variants of the virus keep coming: Doctor claims
A senior doctor at Delhi government’s Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital said, “New variants of the virus keep coming.” He said, “But the present situation in Delhi has arisen due to the increase in cases of influenza. People who are getting sick are getting themselves tested for Covid-19, hence the increase in Covid cases is being seen.”

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