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Kuno Jungle News: Workers found ‘ancient treasure’ away from the cheetah enclosure in Kuno? royal family claimed

Sheopur: Excavation was going on for the construction of staff quarters inside Kuno National Park located in Sheopur district of MP. During the excavations, workers reportedly stumbled upon coins that are more than two centuries old. Unconfirmed reports say that a vessel full of copper and silver coins buried a few feet below was discovered by laborers close to the Palpur Fort area. This area is located only a short distance from the cheetah enclosure brought from Namibia.

At the same time, field director KNP Sharma has expressed ignorance on any such incident. DFO PK Verma said he is trying to verify the inputs. If found correct, necessary action will be taken. However, sources said that a vessel full of coins was found on Wednesday and the laborers who found it have distributed it among themselves. Many of them have not come to work on the site on Thursday. Along with this, some of those laborers had taken its picture and put it on WhatsApp status. After seeing the status, this news spread like wild fire, which has spread enthusiasm in the surrounding villages.

At the same time, the Palpur royalty had given up 260 bighas of land of their fort when Kuno was declared a sanctuary for the relocation of Gir lions. He too has been informed by the local people about the alleged discovery of the hidden treasure. RK Shrigopal Dev Singh, a descendant of the royal family that ruled Kuno-Palpur centuries ago, while talking to our associate newspaper Times of India said that we have heard that they have found about four sacks full of coins. The forest department has been trying to destroy our property secretly for a long time. So that we can be denied its claims.

Treasures found before
He said this is not the first time that he has found the treasure. If you inspect the fort thoroughly, you can see that many places have been dug. Legally the property is ours until a final settlement is reached or our case in court reaches a final decision. He said that the forest department or the archeology department should not do anything on our property. Everything they found during the excavations belonged to the royal family.

hand over the valuables to us

Therefore, the royal family said that they should hand over the valuables to us. Also stop all activities on our property. If it doesn’t happen then I will be forced to take legal action against them. Shri Gopal Dev Singh is already fighting a legal battle against the state government. Their ancestral property is located in the core area of ​​the Kuno Sanctuary, where the prime minister had released the cheetahs on September 17.

compensation not received
Situated on the banks of river Kuno, the fort is locally known as Palpur Garhi. The Palpur royal family had to vacate their erstwhile jagir along with people from 24 villages after it was declared a sanctuary. When the descendants of Palpur family demanded compensation, the PWD department in its survey report said that the property was more than 100 years old and its value is nil. On the basis of this report, compensation was refused.

Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadoun, Associate Professor at a Government College in Rajasthan, said that the Palpur, Sabalgarh, Sumawali and Vijaypur forts were built by the rulers of Sabalgarh, who were the Jadon Rajputs of Karauli. This entire area is about 135 km.

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