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‘Lady Singham’ chased and caught snatcher, second snatcher attacked, SI Kiran fought like this

Delhi Police: Delhi Police’s Lady Singham SI Kiran Sethi, while on patrol at New Delhi Railway Station on August 14, without caring for her life, directly confronted a snatcher. Another companion was found on the way to the police station. During this, both the snatchers attacked the SI with a sharp weapon. Kieran saved his life thanks to Judo Karate. Actually, SI Kiran was catching a snatcher and taking him to the police station, but on the way, the companion of the snatcher was also found. Together they attacked SI Kiran. During this, he was also attacked with a sharp object on SI Kiran, but fortunately that attack could not be successful. Because he had thwarted the attacks of the attackers with the help of Judo Karate. Kiran did not lose courage during the attack and did not let the jhatmar escape from his possession. The police has arrested the jhapter.

Has given self-defense training to more than eight lakh girls and women

SI Kiran is a Black Belt in Judo – Karate and Taekwondo. She has given self-defense training to more than eight lakh women and girls. Kiran tells that she started learning judo in school. If the parents did not support, then continued to learn judo on the pretext of extra class. The family came to know about winning the gold medal in judo at the Delhi state level and Kiran’s name was published in the newspaper. After this the family openly supported.

this was the whole episode

According to the police, the incident happened on August 14. SI Kiran was on patrol. When she reached in front of New Delhi railway station, she saw a boy running after two boys. When he asked him, he came to know that the boys running ahead are snatchers. Who are running away by looting his mobile and bag etc. On hearing this, Kiran also ran after them and sat behind the scooty and caught a snatcher. While catching the miscreant, she was taking it on foot that after reaching some distance, another accomplice of that miscreant came. After which both together put down SI Kiran and attacked her. But Kiran did not leave that crook. A crowd had gathered. After which the second miscreant fled from there. The name of the arrested accused is Vashi (30).

Kiran Sethi has suffered injuries

Kiran Sethi has also suffered injuries in this beating. He has injuries on his arms and legs. He was hit with a sharp object in the upper chest, but Kiran saved his life thanks to his judo karate. The attack of the attackers went in vain. SI Kiran Sethi is currently in charge of the Pink Booth outpost of Shraddhanand Marg. Delhi’s Red Light area (GB Road) comes in their area. Earlier also she has shown similar bravery. SI Kiran has also been awarded the President’s Medal.

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