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Lalit Jha caught from Delhi, was the mastermind of infiltrating Parliament House

Image Source : INDIA TV
Lalit Jha arrested by Delhi Police

The police have arrested those who breached the security of the Parliament House and jumped into the House during the proceedings of the Lok Sabha and carried out a smoke color attack outside. When this matter was investigated more deeply, it was found that its mastermind was Lalit Jha. Lalit Jha has been arrested by Delhi Police. According to the information, mastermind Lalit Jha himself reached Dutva Path police station along with a person named Mahesh and surrendered to the police. New Delhi District Police has handed him over to the Special Cell. Let us tell you that Lalit Jha is being said to be the mastermind of this incident. Delhi Police suspects that there may be a bigger conspiracy behind this incident. Let us tell you that a team of Delhi Police was camping in Nagaur to arrest Lalit Jha.

Who is the mastermind Lalit?

According to the information, Lalit is a resident of Nagaur. It has been found out that Lalit Jha was in constant touch with all the accused. On 13th December also the incident was carried out on the instructions of Lalit. It was Lalit who shot the video of the protest outside the Parliament on his mobile and uploaded it on social media. Let us tell you that before the attack on Parliament, Lalit had absconded with the phones of the four accused. The police feel that these mobiles may contain many evidences related to the conspiracy, which Lalit Jha may try to destroy. Lalit Jha’s connections are also being connected to Kolkata.

Lalit is the general secretary of the NGO.

He is said to be the General Secretary of Communist Subhash Sabha, an NGO here. After the incident, he also shared the video of the incident with NGO founder Neelaksh. The police is now also investigating this NGO named Communist Subhash Sabha. Police is investigating the funding source of this NGO. According to the information, the young man named Neelaksh, with whom Lalit had shared the video of this incident, is a resident of North Twenty-four Parganas. He told that he had met Lalit in a seminar in Kolkata. Neelaksh told that he was working very hard, hence Neelaksh had also connected him with the NGO.

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