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Lapse in security of Parliament: Big revelation of accused Sagar during interrogation, he had planned to commit suicide

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lapse in security of parliament

New Delhi: Accused Sagar, arrested in the Parliament security lapse case, has made a big revelation during interrogation. He told that initially their plan was to set themselves on fire outside the Parliament. But later this plan was abandoned. Sagar also told the Special Cell of Delhi Police that the idea of ​​purchasing a gel-like substance online was also considered. By applying it on the body one can protect oneself from fire. But due to lack of online payment, he could not buy the gel and the plan to set himself on fire outside the Parliament was dropped.

Delhi Police, which is investigating the case, can do scene recreation. For this, permission will be taken from the Parliament House. Meanwhile, during interrogation, information has come to light that the accused had entered Parliament carrying seven smoke cans with them.

Lalit Jha is the mastermind of the entire conspiracy

Earlier on Friday, Delhi Police told a local court that Lalit Jha, arrested on charges of breaching the security of Parliament, is the mastermind of the entire conspiracy and he and other accused wanted to spread anarchy in the country so that they could force the government to accept their demands. Can force. Sources said that the police may seek permission from Parliament to recreate the incident that took place on December 13. The incident took place on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack. Jha, who hails from West Bengal, was sent to police custody for seven days on Friday after his arrest last night.

The accused met each other several times

Police claimed in the Patiala House Court that Jha had admitted that the accused had met each other several times to hatch a conspiracy to breach the security of Parliament. Police said that apart from this, there is a need to interrogate the accused to find out whether he has any connection with any enemy country or terrorist organization.

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