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Liquor is banned in this village of Chhattisgarh, a fine of 51 thousand for buying and selling, CCTV will be monitored

Chhattisgarh village Liqour Ban: A village in Chhattisgarh has taken a big decision due to the crimes related to alcohol. The sale and purchase of liquor has been banned in this village. The matter is of Ghoomka village located in Balod district of the state, where the villagers have announced a complete prohibition of liquor. Not only this, a ‘rule’ has also been made to impose a fine of Rs 51,000 on anyone who sells or buys liquor in his area. CCTV will also be installed in the area to monitor this.

Big decision of villagers of Ghoomka village
There is a prohibition of liquor in Bihar since 2016, despite this, cases related to it often come to the fore. The team of police and administration is continuously engaged in the exercise of reining it. At the same time, a village in Chhattisgarh has not only implemented prohibition in the area, but has also taken out strict rules of fine. Ghoomka village is located about 10 km from Balod district headquarter and 90 km from capital Raipur. The people of this village say that their decision to crack down on alcohol has been taken because of the increasing crimes due to drugs.

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51 thousand fine for being caught with alcohol
According to the villagers, the women of the village took the initiative of banning alcohol. After increasing atrocities on himself, he raised the demand for a liquor ban. Village head Milap Singh Thakur said that at least one member in every household of the village was addicted to drugs. Due to which women and children were most affected here. In such a situation, in view of the deteriorating situation, on the appeal of women, a decision was taken to ban liquor in the village.

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Women raised the demand for prohibition
Ghoomka village has a population of around 3,000. Village elders said that alcohol has affected every section along with the teenagers here, which they are worried about. It was also being sold illegally and youths often harassed women under the influence of alcohol. In such a situation, efforts have been started to handle the situation through prohibition.

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Now CCTV surveillance is being prepared
The local people have decided to install CCTV cameras within 10 days to maintain round the clock vigil on prohibition. A ‘village committee’ including women will monitor this CCTV feed. Village head Milap Singh Thakur said that the residents of Ghumka have decided to be more disciplined. Those who abuse or use abusive words will also be fined.


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